A silver pen, note card, calendar, cup, and wristwatch bask in the soft morning light, casting delightful shadows from the sunshine.

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Art Beyond Borders: Discover Inspiring Stories Behind Arts, Films, and Music

Discover 'Art Beyond Borders,' a journey into the universal language of creativity. Explore vibrant art from Mexico, diverse narratives in the U.S.A., and unique expressions from Asia and Chile. Each canvas is a window into globally connected artists, celebrating shared experiences and impactful art. Join us on this immersive journey, where art bridges cultures worldwide—from global artists in films and music to the creators behind the canvas in our shared world.

Wilfredo Rufon, Sr. with Governor of Tarlac, Mrs. Yap


First Tarlac Painting Competition

#8: 2017

Mexican artist showcasing his works using coffee bean as medium


Art Tour - Mexico

#9: 2017

Art of kindness winners showing their certificate of appreciation



#10: 2017

Young talented artists at work


Young Artists at Painted Earth Pottery and Art Studio

#3: 2016

Artist William Gaudinez on his art exhibition in France


International Festival of Marginal Art - Gisor & Nantes, France

#4: 2016

J. Paul Getty Museum


Museum Tour: J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA

#1: 2015