Scapes - Watercolor Paintings with Wilfredo Calderon

2019 - Scapes - Basic Watercolor Workshop

Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art - event

#17: Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art, The Box, ILOMOCA, Iloilo Business Park

Dive into the world of watercolor painting with our 'Scapes' workshop led by the talented Wilfredo Calderon. Perfect for beginners, this hands-on session is a journey into various techniques, colors, and styles. Calderon, a master of his craft, guides you through the art of watercolor, turning the canvas into a classroom where every stroke becomes a lesson.

Join us for 'Scapes,' where creativity knows no bounds, and you'll discover the joy of expressing yourself through the vibrant medium of watercolors.


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Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art - event


Scapes - Watercolor Paintings with Wilfredo Calderon

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